Ringing in the New Year Book Tag

I stumbled upon this book tag and thought it’d be fun to do. I’m not sure if it’s too late to do this tag since its already the new year but oh well. This tag was created by Rae over at Bookmark Chronicles. I’ve also recently stumbled across her blog and I really like it so go check it out. Continue reading


Book Traveling Thursday – For the 1st Time

168709Hey everyone & happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t counting down the hours. Ringing in the New Year was fun and all but work kicked my butt this week. Any way, I’ve been seeing the Book Traveling Thursday meme around since I started blogging and I figured it was time to give it a go.

Book Traveling Thursday is a weekly meme created by Danielle @ Danielle’s Book Blog & Catia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much. The themes are announced over on the Goodreads group page. The concept is simple, every week you have to pick a book that fits the theme of the week, explain why your chosen book fits the theme, look at covers from multiple editions and multiple countries for the book you chose, and finally, include pictures of the original cover, the cover from your country, your favorite cover, and your least favorite cover. Continue reading

T5W – 2017 Goals

top5Happy Wednesday everyone! I know I pretty much did a 2017 goals/resolutions post but those were more bookish/reading goals and I want to accomplish different goals this year along with them. And since today’s prompt lets us venture out to include any goals whether they be book related or not I decided to go for it. Continue reading

Top Ten Tuesday – Debuts I’m excited for

img_0452Hello & Happy Tuesday Everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. If you didn’t already know what Top Ten Tuesday was about, every week you are given a topic and you then create a top ten list in response to that topic. Top Ten Tuesday was created by the gals over at The Broke and Bookish. Check them out, their blog is pretty cool. If you’re interested or want to learn more click here for a look at their Top Ten Tuesday page.

Today’s Top ten Tuesday is all about Debut novels. I will admit I’m sort of ashamed that I only knew of one. But after some research (Thank you Twitter and GoodReads!) I was able to make a list of some books that I’m now very excited to get to this year. Continue reading

Review – Be With Me by J.Lynn


Goodreads Description: Teresa Hamilton is having a rough year—she’s in love with her big brother’s best friend, but he hasn’t spoken to her since they shared a truly amazing, mind-blowing, change-your-life kiss. She got out of a terrible relationship. And now an injury is threatening to end her dance career for good. It’s time for Plan B – college. And maybe a chance to convince Jase that what they have together is real.

Jase Winstead has a huge secret that he’s not telling anyone. Especially not his best friend’s incredibly beautiful sister. Even though he and Teresa shared the hottest kiss of his life, he knows that his responsibilities must take priority. He certainly doesn’t have time for a relationship. But it doesn’t help that all he can think about kissing the one girl who could ruin everything for him.

As they’re thrown together more and more, Jase and Tess can’t keep denying their feelings for each other. But a familiar danger looms and tragedy strikes. As the campus recovers, the star-crossed couple must decide what they’re willing to risk to be together, and what they’re willing to lose if they’re not… Continue reading

Bookish Resolutions 2017

Hey you! * taps on glass* I’ve missed you

Bookish Resolutions 2017

First and foremost, Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year brings you a lot of joy and good health. I know what you’re thinking… and yes I’ve been gone from the blogging scene for a few months but with the coming year I wanted to change that. The last few months of 2016 were really hard for me mentally and it’s been a slow journey. Not posting and interacting with you guys was something that was constantly on the back of my mind and although it made me unhappy to be away, I had to be away to work on myself so that when the time came I could dedicate my time to this blog without being overwhelmed. I really missed this little corner of the internet that I call my own. Having this space where I can express myself and share my opinions is something that I’ve always wanted. So if you’ve read this far, all I can say is thank you.

Okay, so since it is the first of the year/month I figured I’d share some bookish resolutions. I (like many) typically make resolutions but I usually lose sight of them within the first few months of the year but I figured I can at least make attainable ones.

GoodReads reading goal of 50 books – I was so happy ( and shocked tbh) that I reached my goal of 50 books last year. I mean there was a time last year that I was behind. Like really, really behind but I did it. I hope to read a little more this year but my goal is 50.

Read More Chunky Books – I’m going to let you in on a little secret… I’m dead scared of big books. They intimidate the crap out of me. But because of this I feel like I’ve missed out on some great stories. I’ve had the beautiful 20th anniversary collector’s edition of Outlander sitting on my shelves for two years. That’s insane!

Tackle my TBR or Learn to Say Goodbye – I have a huge TBR. It’s completely out of control. This year I really what to tackle some books that I’ve wanted to read for the longest. And as much as I hate to write this, truth is, realistically there are some books on there that I no longer have the pleasure to read. So instead of keeping them forever, I much rather donate them/give them away so that someone else can have the opportunity to enjoy them.

Finish It Already – I’m almost embarrassed to say that I have a problem with finishing a series. I really don’t know what’s wrong with me. Not only finishing but catching out with a series as well. I’m so behind.

Be More Organized – This resolution is most important because it applies to life in general not just books. My thoughts are always all over the place which is one of the reasons why I love blogging, because I can always look back and know exactly what I was thinking about a particular book. I’m definitely going to create a sort of schedule for the blog and try to stick to it. So far, I have a planner and it really helps to have important dates and goals written in.

So, those are my resolutions. I really like the idea of doing updates throughout the year to see how I’m doing so I’ll definitely do that. If you guys have any tips for me please let me know! Again, happy New Year and thank you for reading!