Review – Satisfaction by Lexi Blake

img_0437Goodreads Description: Brandon Lawless is a man on a mission: obtain the information that will clear his father’s name. He’s willing to do whatever it takes—even seduce his enemy’s personal assistant, the beautiful and innocent Carly Hendricks. But with her beguiling smile and captivating intelligence, Brandon soon realizes he doesn’t want to deceive Carly, he wants to win her over—both in the boardroom and the bedroom.

Then a twisted crime leaves Carly vulnerable and Brandon finds himself reeling. The stakes of his mission are now life or death—Carly’s life. And Brandon realizes he’s lost his heart to an amazing woman and his plan must succeed, because the stakes are no longer just revenge, but a once in a lifetime love.

My Thoughts:

Carly isn’t having such a great time as of late. She’s basically lost everything. Her soon to be ex husband Roger embezzled a million dollars from Cain Corp. He’s ruined her credit, and is soon to lose her house, car, status and job considering that Roger stole from Patricia Cain, Carly’s boss. The only good thing that Carly thinks can come out of this is never having to see Patricia’s face again. Working with Patricia has been truly hellish for her waiting patiently to be rewarded for doing degrading tasks, working ridiculously late nights and not getting credit for the work that Patricia takes all the credit for. She was going to be free of Patricia and that was a true blessing in the midst of the disaster that was her life in the moment. Unfortunately Roger really stole 2 million from Cain Corp and opened a bank account under Meri, Carly’s sister’s name. Patricia’s image can use a cleanup so she basically blackmails Carly to stay as her assistant. There’s no one in this world that Carly loves more than her sister. She would do anything for her. Especially keep her out of jail for something is obviously didn’t do.

Two years later, Carly is supposed to be meeting Drew at a restaurant. They’re meeting through a matchmaking service. Carly is set on ending the meeting short and insisting that it wasn’t a good match but instead of Drew she gets Bran, his brother. Drew made it so the two would be a match through the dating service because he intended to use her to get close to Patricia. Well Bran completely threw all that planning out the window when he went right up to her and introduced himself as a man that wanted to get revenge on Patricia for having his parents murdered.

Bran can’t stand the thought of Carly going through what Ellie had, which is why he promises Carly that whether or not she helps no one will make her do something she doesn’t want to do. He understands that choices had been taken from Carly. Even the right to resign from her job. Although springing all that information was really reckless he’s been studying her for some time and he knows that Carly’s a good person stuck in a bad situation with a crappy boss.

Bran is a very complex and interesting character. He has knight in shining armor syndrome. Bran tries to find ways to fix the things the women he gets involved with need help with. He finds ways to make them happy and leave them better off than how they were before they got involved. He protects them. He has wounds that run deep and issue that he never discussed with his family. Bran had a very troubled and traumatic past that created wounds that he carried into his adult life. He feels like he’s the weak link in his family. I feel like he has a large chip on his shoulder.

I unfortunately didn’t like this book as much as the first one. I really had high hopes for this installment because the little we did see of Bran in the first book I loved. I had conflicting feelings on Bran and Carly’s relationship. They fought over the most basic things and all because there wasn’t enough communication. I didn’t feel connected to them as a couple. Carly was very insecure and I became frustrated with (her and) them together. I just don’t feel like a romantic relationship was necessary. **Gasp** Yeah I said it. Bran obviously needs to get his life together before even thinking about being in a relationship with anyone. He has to deal with his past demons and help mend his relationship with his brother. One other thing that bothered me was that everyone seems to think it’s weird and can’t believe that Carly has a boyfriend. It was a constant issue in the beginning of the book. Carly is sweet, kind and not afraid to show affection. She’s been through a lot and despite her situation she’s still a good hearted person. I think with everything that’s happened to her I would understand if she’d turned bitter but she’s not.

I really did like where the overall plot/story is going. At this point, it’s the only thing that’s keeping me invested. The plot twist at the end was well played. I’ll admit I didn’t see that coming.

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️.5

Can you think of a book where a romantic relationship wasn’t necessary? Let me know in the comments and let’s chat. Thanks for reading



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