T5W – 2017 Goals

top5Happy Wednesday everyone! I know I pretty much did a 2017 goals/resolutions post but those were more bookish/reading goals and I want to accomplish different goals this year along with them. And since today’s prompt lets us venture out to include any goals whether they be book related or not I decided to go for it.

Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey over at Gingerreadslainey. If you didn’t already know, every week you’re given a topic where you have to respond with your top 5 books relating to that topic. If you’re curious and want to learn more, click here for the Goodreads group page.

5. Instagram – So I have a bookstagram that I started last year. I really enjoy taking pictures and getting to interact with everyone and seeing everyone’s pictures. Some people are insanely talented and I love scrolling through my feed to see what everyone is up to. My goal is to be consistent. I got off to a rocky start but I’ve been doing well for the pass two months. So here’s to hoping it stays that way

4. Blogging – I also want to post regularly on my blog. I want to create a schedule were I have a post published on certain days. I’m not too sure what those days are but I’ll definitely let you know when I’ve figured it out. I also want to interact more  I’m going to try cause it’s really hard for me even though everyone is super nice I’m just extremely shy

3. Traveling – Last year I visited a few places including NYC, LA, and NOLA. Traveling last year made me realize how much I love to travel so I hope to visit new places this year. I’m working on planning a cross country trip and I’m very excited about it

2. Musicals – I’ve alway been a big fan of musicals. I think 90% of what I listen to is musicals but I haven’t seen many. Last year I saw Hamilton and I already loved it but seeing the performance was a whole different experience. It’s definitely going down as one of my favorite events in my life

1. Planner – I have a love/hate relationship with my planner. I’m committed to it for a few months then I set it to the side and completely forget about it. I really hope to stick to it because I’m very forgetful and this year I want to be more organized and not procrastinate as much on everything

Thats it guys! Till next time



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