Review: The Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan

battleGoodreads Book description:

When demonic cheerleaders invade his high school, Percy Jackson hurries to Camp Half Blood, from whence he and his demigod friends set out on a quest through the Labyrinth, while the war between the Olympians and the evil Titan lord Kronos draws near.

My (Spoilery) Thoughts:

GUYS! What did I just read?! This book blew my mind! Jeez so much happened in this book, where do I begin?

First, Annabeth! Due to the events in The Titan’s Curse we didn’t get Annabeth in that book at all and I’m so happy to have her back as such a force in this installment. In this book, we learn more about her as she is finally given a quest. She’s wanted one since she basically first got to Camp Half Blood and it was pretty ironic for the quest to be highly illogical and in a maze. She was at times completely out of her comfort zone and I loved reading her growth as a character. One of my favorite parts in this book was her freaking out about the test, her sass was at an all time high.

“It’s just a bunch of dumb, random facts,” Annabeth insisted. “Riddles are supposed to make you think.”

“Think?” The Sphinx frowned. “How am I supposed to test whether you can think? That’s ridiculous! Now, how much force is required—”

“Stop!” Annabeth insisted. “This is a stupid test.”

“Um, Annabeth,” Grover cut in nervously. “Maybe you should just, you know, finish first and complain later?”

“I’m a child of Athena,” she insisted. “And this is an insult to my intelligence. I won’t answer these questions.”

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I love the obvious beginning of a little romance between Percy and Annabeth. It’s adorable. I really wish they’d had that movie date in the beginning of the book and Percy’s mom teasing him about it was cute. But no, they couldn’t because of the obvious monsters at a new school wanting to out Percy while he ends up somehow getting in trouble for blowing up said school and Rachel Elizabeth Dare. Speaking of Rachel Elizabeth Dare… I can’t stand her. The majority of the time I was reading I was thinking Aphrodite sent Rachel to get between Percy and Annabeth because she would do something like that. And that ship(Percy and Annabeth) has sailed for me guys and I will protect it from anyone and anything including Rachel Elizabeth Dare.

In this installment, some of our characters meet their heroes or figures that they look up to and I thought that was very interesting because they were all disappointed by them to some degree. Annabeth by Daedalus, Tyson by Briarus, and Grover by Pan. I think it was a nice message; sometimes we have the tendency to glorify our heroes when in reality they may also be struggling with the same issues that some of us face. I loved seeing Annabeth, Tyson, and Grover learn from that experience.

Nico, I came to love in this book. His powers low key creep me out but I feel so sympathetic towards him. I hated the fact that he was on his own and was hoping that Percy and his mom would take him in. I hate that he can’t stay at camp, he must feel so lonely. That last scene, Percy’s birthday, has to be one of my favs. Poseidon showing up was just everything! I was wondering when(or if ever) we would get a father-son bonding scene like that between them and I loved it.

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

I can’t believe I’m so close to  being done with this series. Its quickly become one of my all time favorites. I don’t want it to end.




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