Review: Edge of Glory by Magan Vernon

imageGoodreads Description:

“Welcome to Conti’s. I’m Lia and I’ll nguhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.

I froze. Directly facing me was Olympic swimmer, Jay Morningstar… and I just made an idiot of myself.

The rest of the table looked up to see me standing there with my mouth practically gaping. His coach, who I recognized from TV interviews, and even two other swimmers from the Olympic team… they didn’t say anything, they didn’t even blink.

“Uh… I mean…”

I couldn’t even put together my words and Jay Morningstar was just staring at me with that Wheaties box smile and those icy blue eyes.

What was I supposed to say? Sorry I just made a weird noise, it’s just that I have a poster of you on my wall where you are wearing nothing more than your gold medals, a smile, and a pair of man panties?

→Arc received from NetGalley for an honest review←

 My thoughts:

The idea of this story is what drew me to request this title. Romance about a sexy Olympic swimmer? Yes please! At first I could totally relate to Lia. She’s from a big, overprotective family but that’s sort of where the connecting ended. I enjoyed the Conti family dynamic, you can tell that they’re a loving and supportive family despite Lia’s parents being set on not wanting her to go to college in California I knew it would work out. Her brother Sonny was a riot and I liked that Lia had great support from her best friend and sister in law.

img_1286I think my biggest issue with this book was the instalove. I mean forget about every other example of instalove that you’ve read because this takes the cake for sure. It was all so fast and all within the first chapter. I mean they literally just met like two seconds ago and now Jay is telling Lia about his personal life and it just seems so unlikely. It was just to overwhelming and I couldn’t get pass it unfortunately. The two main characters Lia and Jay, were constantly putting themselves down. Jay called himself an idiot multiple times throughout the book and I just wished for some type of character development.
All in all I really hoped to enjoy this but it just didn’t work for me.

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️

Have you’ve been stung by instalove? Is there a book that you’ve read where the instalove made it sort of unbearable to read? Let me know & till next time!





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